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Introducing the Owner!

Hi World!!I am not a big fan of the internet but I am a huge fan of Love, Peace and Soul Live Cafe! Actually, I am the Owner and for those who don't know me my name is Bertell Lindsay (aka Bert). This is my 1st attempt to post a comment to my website Blog just to see if there is an interest in Blogs.

I was born and raised in Kingston, New York and have been residing in Tokyo, Japan for over 35 years! I was born with music in my blood and come from a family of very talented musicians. Not only am I the owner of Love, Peace and Soul Live Cafe but I am also the lead vocalist for 3 Bands that perform regularly at my venue: The FunkRaisers, The Love & Peace Band and Aisa's Soul Kitchen.

I would love to start a conversation with anyone who wants to talk.......the conversation can be about anything as long as it is appropriate. I'm very interested to see what the World has to say! 


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